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Have You Considered This To Cut Manufacturing Costs?

Posted by Daniel Waldron on Feb 17, 2016 9:00:00 AM


You want to cut manufacturing costs further. You’ve exhausted every avenue you can think of, or have you? Here’s one way to cut manufacturing costs you haven’t considered.

You’ve negotiated material prices, supplier costs, utility bills, rental rates for business premises and maybe even staff wages in an attempt to cut the cost of running your manufacturing firm.

These are just some of the obvious options you look to when trying to keep overall expenditure down in a bid to keep your business operation on the right side of financial margins.

However, keeping the cost to manufacture your products down is not always associated with negotiating the best price on materials or agreeing deals with suppliers. How about the not so obvious issues working against your plan to cut manufacturing costs?

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We’re talking about your computer systems. The modern manufacturing floor is seeing an increase in the number of ‘office’ computers used to facilitate the manufacturing process. That’s good. However, those computers are not built to endure the rigours associated with manufacturing floors. That’s bad.

PENC-300-rugged-industrial-computer.jpgThe increased use of ‘office’ computers on the manufacturing floor is creating new challenges for manufacturing firms.

The issues that arise as a result of using computers – unprotected - on the manufacturing floor include:

1. Downtime – If you’re using computer equipment on the manufacturing floor without protection, here’s what’s happening to that equipment – dust, dirt, debris, humidity, heat, or a combination of these, are contributing to the destruction of that computer equipment.

To put the cost of downtime in perspective, according to a survey of 283 companies - conducted by - one in six businesses say that one hour of downtime can cost them $1 million (£594,000) or more.

It may not be quite as severe for you, but nevertheless, any form of downtime will do damage to your business financially as well as harming your reputation. All costs associated with downtime will ultimately have to be absorbed by the company.

2. The need for computer repair – If the manufacturing floor is suffering from recurring downtime as a result of your computer systems, chances are those computers need repairing.

That’s more time and more money you can ill afford to use, not to mention more downtime. Those losses will once again have to be added to the overall cost of completing a manufacturing project.

3. The need for computer replacement – Failing repair, computers will have to be replaced and you know what that means, additional cost and more lost time. Any profit for a manufacturing project is being eaten into to the point you might consider it lucky to break even.

Bringing all this together, we’ve established that protecting computers on the manufacturing floor is conducive to helping you cut manufacturing costs. To protect computers and facilitate their use on your manufacturing floor, we recommend industrial computer enclosures.

That recommendation is based on the following reasons:

  1. They’re the most inexpensive, user-friendly and flexible compared to alternatives available on the market.
  2. You can use any of your current computer equipment on the manufacturing floor, there’s no need for a whole new system.
  3. Enclosures minimize downtime and disruption to your manufacturing floor in terms of installation. Within 24 hours you can have complete computer protection that will aid your objective of cutting overall manufacturing costs.
  4. Computer enclosures not only safeguard computer equipment, they protect your entire manufacturing process and ultimately, they cut manufacturing costs long-term.
  5. Bona fide suppliers manufacture enclosures that meet US and European industry standards. They even come with warranties and life-long technical support.

To learn more about the value of computer enclosures, and how to convert your essential computer equipment into a system ready for the manufacturing floor, download the essential guide below.

Improve manufacturing productivity

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