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10 Qualities of an Industrial Computing Enclosure Worth Buying

Posted by Daniel Waldron on Jul 20, 2016 11:00:00 AM


With more and more industrial facilities depending on computer-controlled systems, protecting those capital assets has become a big deal. Operations managers and industrial buyers are under pressure to identify solutions that can defend computers against the rigors of industrial use.


How does the checklist help you?

Industrial computing enclosures play a key role in providing such protection for systems like:

  • CAD (Computer-Aided Design)
  • CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering)
  • CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing)
  • CAPP (Computer-Aided Process Planning)
  • CAQ (Computer-Aided Quality Assurance) and more…

With that in mind, knowing what differentiates a quality enclosure system from the ‘not so great’ is of the upmost importance. Cue this 10 point checklist, which gives those charged with researching industrial computer protection a set of qualities to look for from an environmental computer enclosure.

Download it here, today…

Why a checklist?

Most industrial buyers and operations managers have an idea of what they want from industrial computer protection without necessarily knowing why. The checklist simply reinforces the requirements, while giving an explanation of why those requirements are important and helping decision-makers to make an informed decision.

Who is the checklist for?

This checklist is provided for operations managers, manufacturing floor supervisors, industrial IT personnel and industrial facilities in general that utilize computers on production floors.

Any industrial facility embarking on a computer integration project can make use of this checklist and use it for reference during planning meetings.

Why download the checklist?


It will help you to avoid ending up with computer protection that’s not fit for purpose. Not only will it help you with preparing your industrial facility for today, it will help you to futureproof your facility and IT infrastructure for years to come.

Where can you get the checklist?

Right here. Click the link…

10 Qualities of an Industrial Computing Enclosure Worth Buying

Fill in the blanks and get the PDF checklist delivered to your inbox.

This article was originally featured by Cerasis on July 11, 2016.

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